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We Can Crack Safes That Have Electronic Locks And Combination Dials.

American Lock and Key can perform services including safe cracking, Richmond. Area residents require this service when a key is lost or a combination is forgotten. Losing access to important documents, jewelry, and other stored items can be frustrating. Many people don’t realize that a locksmith can help them regain their use. It’s imperative to use professionals who carry the proper equipment to determine where to drill, in order to ensure the re-locker system isn’t activated. Safety deposit boxes, vaults, combination safes, and electronic safes can all be opened, as well as restored, after opening.

Safe Cracking Tools

We carry the tools required to perform a professional job of safecracking in Richmond and throughout Virginia. This includes methods and comprehensive knowledge of combination safe cracking as well as high powered drilling equipment. Using a drilling rig system featuring diamond-tipped bits and light scopes we are able to see exactly where to drill in order to crack the safe and its internal locking mechanism.

Our professional technicians are able to connect the drill to the safe to ensure that they are drilling straight into the safe using a drill bit as small as possible in order to gain entry. It is important to not attempt to do this yourself in order to avoid triggering the re-lock action. We are still able to access these safes, however, it is generally a much more complex job than before the re-locker trigger has been sprung.

Safe Cracking Services in Richmond

We perform safe cracking that Richmond area residents require while providing the peace of mind that to home and business owners that our staff of safe locksmith technicians that have passed extensive background checks and carry their Department of Criminal Justice licenses. American Lock and Key is also a licensed locksmith company in the State of Virginia which allows our customers to rest assured that we have passed background checks and certain training classes. American Lock and Key offers safe cracking Richmond residents need, but also throughout the entire state. We are able to restore the safe to its original appearance.

American Lock and Key can work with banks, businesses, government entities, and individuals to ensure the security and quality safe cracking Richmond area residents need. Contact American Lock and Key for safe cracking in Richmond and surrounding areas.

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