Safe Cracking

Safe-crackingSafe Cracking

If you’ve forgotten your safe combination and get locked out of your safe, have no fear – American Lock is here!

Safe Cracking Equipment

American Lock & Key has all the equipment necessary to accurately and safely open your safe whether by safe cracking the combination or drilling the safe with diamond tipped drill bits and a high power drilling rig system.

Precision Drilling

We research your specific safe before we drill.  Our technicians study the internal parts of your safe so that we know exactly where to put the hole to unlock your safe.  We have specialized equipment to look inside the safe call light scopes.  That way, we can simply drill one small hole to gain access to the internal locking mechanism.  Our drilling rigs are hooked to your safe for a truly straight drill hole.

Don’t attempt to open the safe yourself, you could accidentally cause the re-locker system to fire.  This will put you in a much worse situation.

We Work on all Safes

Our safe technicians can work on safety deposit locks, electronic safes, combination safes, vaults,

After accessing your safe, we always repair the safe to its original look.