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How do you know we are a legitimate locksmith Henrico Va?  Because we have a Department of Criminal Justice License!  Our company does and so do all our road techs, and we always pull up in a lettered truck with our logo and phone number.

Consumer_Alert_AG_exclamation3-300x292 Consumer Alert:  Before you call, do your research! We are a legitimate locksmith Henrico VA company.  Not all people on the Internet are legitimate locksmith companies.


They quote you $15.00 and charge HUNDREDS!

At American Lock & Key, we answer the phone with our company name and quote you the REAL price.  What we say, we stand behind.  Our service is our guarantee.

One Of The Best Locksmiths In Henrico Va

You probably never expect it to happen to you, or pray it never will, it’s the hottest day of the year and you are in a rush to walk into the air-conditioned store to get some relief. As you close the door to your car it suddenly hits you, you left your keys inside with the engine running, and to make matters worse, your bag and mobile phone are in there too.

As you feel frustration rising, your first reaction is to grab a heavy object to break your window, but then you stop and think that might not be the best option, as it will be expensive to repair and cause unnecessary damage. Maybe if you call home… but nobody is there to bring you a spare key. Now, what do you do? The weather is only getting hotter and you are getting ready to give up and use that rock.

Nobody really thinks about locksmiths until they need one, and when that happens it is usually an urgent situation, whether because you got locked out of your house or car, you discover you need to change your locks right away, or you need to get a duplicate key as soon as possible. Maybe you forgot the combination to your safe and are in desperate need of the documents it holds inside. No matter what the case may be, it is always a good idea to have the number to the best locksmith Henrico VA has to offer, the number to American Lock & Key which is 804-282-6060.

Being able to rely on the best locksmith Henrico VA can ensure you not only get the best service in town but also guarantees your peace of mind when the time comes to give them a call. That is what American Lock & Key does: give you peace of mind where the safety of your family and property is an issue.

Licensed Locksmith Henrico VA

The Importance of Hiring a Licensed Locksmith Henrico VA

Most locksmiths offer a wide array of services including everything from home or auto lockout to key replacements to door frame replacement. There are several things you should look for in a locksmith before hiring them to complete the job for you, such as their skills and experience, their overall reputation in your area, and their pricing. However, the most important thing you should look for is a locksmith who is licensed to provide these services. Below are two very important reasons why it is so vital to hire a licensed locksmith in Henrico VA.

Quality of Workmanship

A locksmith must be able to prove his/her level of skills and expertise in various locksmith services in order to obtain a license from the state. If you were to use a locksmith without a license, you risk hiring someone who does not have the necessary skills or experience to complete the job correctly.

Avoid Risk of Scam

A licensed locksmith in Henrico VA such as American Lock & Key is not going to scam you out of money or services. The majority of locksmiths would not risk losing their license with the state because it could ruin their business. This makes them more likely to follow through and complete any job they start for you, otherwise, you could complain to the state. If you work with someone without a license, you run the risk of being scammed by shoddy or incomplete work that could require costly repairs. For example, if the locksmith does a shoddy door frame replacement, you may need to pay someone to redo the entire job for you. If the unlicensed locksmith does not have insurance, you could also be liable for any damaged they cause or any injuries that incur on your property.

Whether hiring for a key replacement or a door frame replacement, be sure to always ask to see that they are licensed and write down their licensing number. You should also ask to see current proof of insurance to protect yourself from any additional costs. In addition, you always want to ask for upfront pricing or a detailed quote for any services you require. This will prevent you from being handed an outrageous bill only after the services are rendered. Any professional and licensed locksmith Henrico VA will be more than happy to provide this documentation to you.

We Are A Local Locksmith In Henrico VA

Having a reliable locksmith in your area can be a lifesaver when you least expect it. It is always difficult to predict when you will require the services of a local Locksmith, but when you do, nobody can get the job done the way American Lock & Key does.

How Can A Local Locksmith Henrico VA Help Me?

A Local Locksmith Henrico VA can be helpful in a myriad of ways, whether you need a new set of keys to your home, or you have to open a safe to which you have lost the combination. American Lock & Key has a select number of professionals who will do the job quickly and efficiently, no matter how big or small it may be.

American Lock & Key is able to put together all these good qualities and takes them one step further by having a Department of Criminal Justice License. This allows you to keep your peace of mind by knowing there is a specialized locksmith you can trust. Regardless of when you need a locksmith, American Lock & Key will always be there. Weekends and nights are no problem, as they will always have a tech on standby to help you solve those pesky issues that can complicate your daily life. Next time you need a local locksmith you can trust, American Lock & Key is the best choice you can make.

We are a local company offering full locksmith services around the clock. Any of our technicians at American Lock & Key can assess your current security installations for any risks or repairs. They can upgrade your locks so that they are nearly unpickable. They can recommend other work to further increase your home’s security as well. For example, they can replace and repair your doors and frames for more secure ones that are better able to withstand a burglary attempt.

A Henrico Locksmith can do much more than help secure your home. They can help you if you lock yourself out of your car. They can cut replacement keys for your home, office, and car. They can even rekey existing locks if you lose your keys but do not want to replace all of your locks.

American Lock & Key offers a full range of commercial services, not just residential services. They can install high-security locks and systems into your place of business. If your existing locks malfunction or fail, American Lock & Key can have their fully equipped service vehicle come to you and handle any needed work. They even offer safe cracking services if your safe malfunctions or you lose the key or combination.

Too many internet locksmiths are not what they seem. Fraudsters are throwing up fake websites to lure in unwary customers and they are unable to provide quality affordable service, or worse, are simply fronts for criminals. We are fully insured and licensed with a Department of Criminal Justice License. Our Henrico locksmith personnel ride in a clearly labeled van and identify themselves distinctly on the phone and in person. We stand behind our quoted price for affordable service. We are locksmiths you can trust.

Henrico Security Company Options For Home or Business

Security is important for many obvious reasons. Gone are the days where we can sleep at night with our doors unlocked. Instead, we’ve traded those days of the past with the latest and greatest technology in security to keep our homes, our property, and our families safer and more secure.

This is due to the fact that we now have to worry about getting burglarized or worse with an increase in crimes over the years. When you’re looking for Henrico security and considering your options, American Lock & Key has you covered. From high-security keys to total security, we have all of your Henrico security needs covered.

Our Residential Henrico Security Services Include:

High-Security Locks

High-security locks are locks that are highly-resistant to break-ins. They are bump-proof, resistant to picking and drill resistant.

Lock Changing

If you need your locks changed because someone has the key to your home or office that you no longer would like to have access, we can help by installing new locks.


Keep your home resistant to break-ins with a high-quality durable deadbolt. We have a few types of deadbolts for you to choose from at American Lock & Key.

Keyless Entry & Smart Locks

Consider upgrading the locks to your home with the innovative technology of keyless entry.

Total Security

When you’re ready for total security, you’re ready for everything and anything from new door hardware to video monitoring and to safes and vaults. American Lock & Key can do it all.

Our Commercial Henrico Security Services Include:

Automatic Doors

If your automatic doors are insufficient this is a security issue. We provide automatic door repair and replacement services.

Touchscreen Locks

Keep your business secure with the touch of a screen.

Access Control

Improve security measures within your company by implementing improvements to access control.

Master Key Systems

A master key system has a key for everything within your place of business and allows for maximum security.

Security Cameras

Keep your business secure with security cameras.

Loss Prevention

Loss prevention services work hard to keep inventory and sensitive personal information.

Fire Rated/Document/B-Rated Safes

We’re also proud to offer safe locksmith services. If your safe is old or worn out, this is a security issue. You may simply need some safe servicing or a combination change.

In this day and age, you can never be too safe. Contact American Lock & Key today to find out how we can help you to make your home or business more secure.

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