Master Key System

master-key-systemMaster Key System

A master key system is perfect for your locally based Richmond Virginia business.  A master key system provides layers of security and internal quality control for all exterior entrances, internal offices, inventory rooms, and even lavatories.

Maintain Master Key System Records

At American Lock & Key we will set your business up on a master key system, label all keys, and keep files of bitting charts.  Your keys will not be allowed to be duplicated in our shop without authorization from the person in charge.

Every master key system varies so that your security remains intact.  We customize a system to be pick resistant and reliable.  The master key system can consist of a great grand master key, grand master key, master key, and change keys.  These various levels are in descending order respectively.


Many local businesses such have switched to a Mul-T-Lock master key system.  This is a high security lock that is pick and bump resistant.  Most locks are not high security and are at risk of being picked very easily.  At American Lock & Key we want to offer you the full range of security products on the market.

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