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High-Security Keys

Protect your family and business with high-security locks from American Lock & Key.  Our fully trained and licensed technicians can install locks that are bump proof, drill resistant, pick resistant, and more durable than the standard locks on your home.

These locks cannot be bought at the big box stores.  Come to the professionals for the best high-security locks; we offer Schlage Primus.

Improve Safety at Home

With security at school and in public places in question these days, it is important to at least protect your home with strong locks.  If you have Schlage or Kwikset locks on your house or apartment, we recommend having them re-keyed (at the very least). Ideally, you’ll have us upgrade the lock to the Primus restricted keyway. These cannot be picked using traditional methods.

Just Moved In?

If you’ve just moved into a new house, ask your realtor to call American Lock & Key for a $25 discount on getting your locks re-keyed! This is a huge saving.

What Are High-Security Locks, Richmond VA?

best high security lock High-security locks are available to any home or business owner who desires the fullest amount of property protection possible. These days it isn’t enough to simply lock the doors with the traditional locks. Criminals are out there, and these locks are no match for their skills. Luckily the high-security locks prove too tough even for the most skilled of criminal. The locks are strong, durable and safe, and not a challenge the criminal will be willing to put forth to gain entry into your facility.

What are High-Security Locks?

The term high-security locks is not simply a title given to a lock. This is a very special kind of lock that meets Underwriters Laboratory standards for safety and security.

This means that the high-security lock will:

  • A U.L. standard of 437 or better.
  • The U.L. symbol will be found on the lock.
  • The lock must be constructed of one of the following materials: steel, brass or bronze, with corrosion-resistant materials and protective finishes.
  • A minimum of 1000 different key change options should be available
  • High-security locks must operate slower than 50 cycles per minute and complete at least 10,000 cycles of operation.
  • This isn’t all that you can expect with high-security locks. These locks are usually made from patented keys; this means that more security is in your hands and that no one unauthorized to gain access into your premises will make it inside. The keys are almost impossible to copy, thus eliminating even more worry of unauthorized entrants into your facility.

Types of High-Security Locks

Many different types of high-security locks are available, including biometric locks, digital locks, keyless entry locks, fingerprint locks, deadbolts, and many others. With such an array of selections, you can easily secure your property inside and out with these better than ever locks.

You find an impeccable amount of confidence and security when these high-security locks are purchased and installed onto your facility. There is nothing in the world more rewarding than having this peace of mind on your side.

Keeping Safe & Secure with High-Security Locks

Any locksmith can provide you with a more thorough listing of the types of high-security locks that are available, as well as help narrow down the options viable for your needs. Taken into consideration is the amount of security needed at your business – i.e. is the home/business in a high crime neighborhood? Are there employees who need to gain entry into the facility? What type of budget have you set for your high-security locks? These things will determine which of the various locks will work best for your needs.

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