Car Key Replacement

Car Key Replacement: Is a Dealership the Only Option?

car-key-replacement Before the 90s, it was easy to replace a car key. You could go to any locksmith, hardware store or dealership to get a replacement because the technology was no different from any other key you might have on your key ring. Car keys today are much different. With sophisticated security features to prevent theft, it sometimes costs an arm and a leg to replace a key. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t save some money. Going to a locksmith instead can save you a significant chunk of change. Can a locksmith in Richmond, Virginia replace your key? Read below to find out.

Do You Have To Go To A Dealership?

It’s not surprising that many people dread going to a dealership to get a key. In addition to charging higher prices for the keys themselves, most dealerships charge additional labor, even if the vehicle is under warranty. If possible, go to a locksmith to replace your car key instead. American Lock & Key in Richmond, Virginia is able to cut, clone and program high-security keys, and much more. Plus, we have a real location on top of our mobile service. That means, we can come to you when you’ve lost all your car keys.

What Kind Of Car Keys Can A Locksmith Replace?

An auto locksmith with the proper equipment, such as Richmond, Virginia company American Lock & Key, can replace many types of car keys. Basic keys for older vehicles, for example, only cost a few dollars because the only security features they have are their unique grooves. These keys don’t have microchip technology, which is why they cost much less than keys for newer model cars.

American Lock & Key can even replace technologically sophisticated keys, such as transponder keys and other types of new car keys. They also specialize in cylinder rekeys and can fix ignition switches when there’s a problem.

As you can see, a qualified locksmith at American Lock & Key in Richmond, Virginia can replace many types of car keys. But the best measure you can take is to get a spare key before you need one. If you wait until you’ve lost a key, you’ll be frustrated and stressed out. By getting one now, on your own terms, you’ll feel more in control of the situation.

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