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Transponder Key

Mobile Key Programming Available

transponder key picture showing that there is a chip in the plastic head of the key

A Basic Transponder Key.

A transponder key is a key with an electronic chip in it. The transponder key typically has a black plastic head on it. Most new cars have enhanced security features such as the transponder key programming. To prevent theft, this key is programmed to match your cars onboard computer.

If you lose all keys to your vehicle, you will need a key made from scratch. This will cost more than if you get a key cloned from one of your existing keys. Programming from scratch takes more time and is, therefore, more labor intensive compared to key cloning. We recommend getting your key cloned if you only have one remaining transponder key to your vehicle.

At American Lock & Key we stock many transponder keys and have the programming equipment to handle most makes and models including Toyota, Honda, GM, Lexus, Nissan, Infiniti, and more.

We can either make a key from scratch or clone a key to match your existing key. Some car models require you to get the keys directly from the dealership, if that is the case we will simply research your car by year, make, and model and tell you what will need to happen for your particular car.

Visit our Richmond office today or simply call us at 804-282-6060 for more information about our automotive locksmith services!

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