Locksmith Chesterfield VA

Locksmith Chesterfield VA

American Lock & Key Co., Inc.
“From Doors to safes to hardware and more”

American Lock & Key is a Locksmith Chesterfield VA and travels all over Virginia to make sure we have your security needs covered.  Security and safety are our top concern.  Since 1979 we have  always made sure our customers are 100% satisfied.

Chesterfield is a quick drive from our office which is headquartered at 2110 Spencer Road, Henrico VA 23230.

Typically we can meet you for service same day yet we have the flexibility to schedule service at your convenience.

Fortune 50 and 500 companies are choosing Virginia to build their offices, production facilities, and distribution warehouses.

Locksmith Chesterfield VA Business Security 

As businesses expand into Chesterfield, American Lock & Key will be here to maintain security and access control to improve loss prevention techniques and improve your bottom line.

If you have multiple methods of egress at your workplace, make sure you have proper key control and that the doors have been properly inspected to meet code & law requirements.

Locksmith Chesterfield VA Residential Security 

As those same businesses expand, we hope hiring will continue to keep Virginia’s employment rate high.  We want you to maintain your residential security with us at the helm.

Call us today, security is no laughing matter.  For Chesterfield Crime watch click here : https://www.chesterfieldobserver.com/news/2013-05-01/Crime_Watch.