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American Lock & Key has been in business since 1980. Throughout the years, we have opened, moved, and repaired our fair share of safes. We’ve seen it all – lost keys, lost combinations, and even attempted robbery. For all you would-be robbers, FYI, cutting the hinges off the safe will not get you in, so don’t even try!

Whether you own a business, are storing passports, or just bought your first gun, it’s important to secure your cash and valuables. Sometimes, a deadbolt is simply not enough to keep robbers out. By purchasing a high-quality safe from us, with a warranty, you’ll be sure that it will live up to its advertised claims including fire rating and burglary rating.


At ALK – We Have The Safes!


We Carry All Sizes Of Safes.

Nowadays, you can never be too careful when it comes to securing your valuables. American Lock & Key has the safe for your needs. Whether you own expensive personal jewelry, sentimental valuables, or critical documents and data, we have the right safe at an affordable price for any home or business.  Our knowledgeable staff can help you make the correct decision to help protect your valuables from fire or theft.

What Kinds Of Safes Do You Offer?

We’re glad you asked. We carry Hollon Safes. These safes are Made in the USA! Hollon offers the following types of safes:

  • 2 Hour Fire Safes
  • Tall / Short Gun Safes
  • Pistol Boxes
  • Wall Safes
  • Burglary Rated Safes
  • TL-15/TL-30 Safes
  • Data Safes
  • Cash Drop Safes
  • And More!

Gun Safes For Sale In Richmond


We Carry Tall Gun Safes Like The RG-22.

Keep loved ones secure with a gun safe.  Gun safes are perfect for storing ammunition, copies of documents such as your concealed carry permit, and of course your guns.   If you have young children, you need a gun safe.  Far too many young children get hurt by guns in their own house.  At American Lock & Key we want to keep kids safe by adding this layer of security. We’re willing to make a great deal if it means saving a kids life!

This particular gun safe in the image above is the RG-22. It can hold at least 22 guns! It also comes with a dehumidifier, LED lights inside, and a jewelry box. The electronic lock is EMP resistant, and the safe is fire rated.

I Bought A Big Heavy Safe – Now What?

Well, if you want, you can pick it up and take it home or you can have us deliver and install it. We have specially designed safe moving equipment and the tools to anchor the safe into almost any type of flooring including concrete or wood.

Typically, we can move safes that are up to 200lbs.

For larger safes, please call, we can refer you to a safe mover for large gun safes.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us!

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