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If you’re a gun owner, then you should become a gun safe owner. American Lock & Key offers a variety of safes including gun safes. A gun safe is particularly important to own if you have little ones or children who visit from time to time. Keeping your gun(s) in a gun safe will ensure the safety of all while your gun is not in use.

American Lock & Key carries a wide variety of safe models and brands, including safes that are fire resistant as well. If you prefer a safe with an electronic keypad, you have the option of purchasing a new safe with an electronic keypad or updating your existing safe by having our highly-trained technicians install an electronic keypad on your safe.

A fire rated safe can be one of the most important purchases you make for your business or home. A fire rated safe is one that can withstand extremely high temperatures without putting your items at risk. In the case of a fire, your valuable papers, passport, jewelry, and money would be safe.

When you are in the market for fire rated safes, you should contact us for the best deals. You can also have us install something very unobtrusive such as a wall safe. A wall safe is inserted into the wall and can be hidden behind paintings, furniture, mounted televisions, and even clothing. You can store all of your personal papers and your valuables in this safe and keep them well protected in case of a fire.

If you aren’t looking for a wall safe, you may need a gun safe. A gun safe is the most efficient way to keep your children protected when there are firearms in the home. You do not want them to have access to the guns because they may accidentally harm themselves. Fire rated safes are an excellent way to ensure that items are well protected during a fire. If you were to have a large amount of ammunition stored with your guns, you would not want it to come into contact with high heat temperatures. It could easily cause more damage and destruction not only to the homeowner but to firefighters who are attempting to put out the fire. Safety first when you are dealing with firearms, ammunition, children, and fires.

Other American Lock & Key Gun Safes Henrico VA Services Include:

New Safes

Gun safes, safes for memorabilia and valuables, cash-drop safes, electronic keypad safes, government safes, fire resistant safes, etc.

Safe Cracking

If you forget your safe combination and/or lost your safe combination, American Lock & Key is able to safely open your safe with all of the necessary safe cracking equipment. Safecracking is fast and affordable. In fact, our safe cracking services are so fast that our technicians are typically finished within just minutes.

Safe Combination Changes

American Lock & Key locksmiths are on call 24/7 to help you when you’re ready to change your safe combination. It is highly recommended to regularly and routinely change your safe combination to enhance safe security, especially for businesses. If you’ve recently let go of someone with access to your businesses safe, then you’ll want to immediately update your safe combination just to be safe, especially if the former employee is disgruntled. Safe combination services also include the performance of regular and routine maintenance to ensure that your safe’s lock is working properly.

Safe Moving

Whether you’re moving your home or business and need to have your safe transported, American Lock & Key helps with that too. Our licensed and trained technicians will safely move your safe with a safe trailer, straps, hitches and a stair climber to your destination of choice.

Deciding on who to trust with your important papers and valuables can be difficult. However, when looking for fire rated safes in Henrico, VA you can easily trust American Lock & Key. We have over 35 years of experience in the industry. Not only can we get your fire rated safe installed if you lose the key, but they can also rekey the lock for you. 

(Biometric Safes) Fingerprint Safes Richmond VA

Biometric security has taken the world of home safety by storm. Not only can you purchase fingerprint locks to protect your home, but you will not find biometric safes, which keep your most prized belongings safe from burglars, prying eyes and even natural disasters. Without a match of your own fingerprint, no one will be able to get into your private things. The security of tomorrow is here today thanks to fingerprint safes, Richmond, VA.

Home and business owners use fingerprint safes to store medication, firearms, money, legal documents such as birth certificates, expensive electronics, and even jewelry. Rather than needing a key, which can become lost, or having to remember a passcode or pin, a fingerprint safe only requires that you press your finger to the reader. After verifying your identity, the safe opens. There’s no fumbling in the dark if you hear an intruder in your kitchen. The technology is typically powered by alkaline batteries, and a set may last as long as four years depending upon the model of the safe that you purchase. Your safe will notify you when batteries are dying so you can change them.

The technology used in most fingerprint safes enables you to add multiple fingerprints, making this a good option for your small business. You can safely store records or cash and allow trusted members of your staff to access the safe with their own fingerprint. Many safes also track who has access the safe and when, so you’ll never have to worry about money or assets going missing. This can increase accountability from your employees.

If it’s time to update security in your home or office, it’s time to go shopping for fingerprint safes at American Lock & Key in Richmond VA.

American Lock & Key has licensed and certified safe locksmiths. Our goal is to have all of your safe needs covered, and we are a licensed and verified locksmith company with a Department of Criminal Justice License. Beware of locksmiths who scam and are illegal. Our company stands behind our name and our services. Service is our guarantee. And don’t forget that we deliver! Contact us today to learn more about our gun safe service.



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