Safe Combination Change


Safe Combination Change

Changing your safe combination is a good practice for your home or business.  American Lock & Key has safe technicians on call 24/7.  By regularly performing a safe combination change, you will enhance your security.  Every time an employee gets fired, a combination should change and locks should get rekeyed.

If you’re a business that recently fired a manager that had safe privileges, call us immediately for a safe combination change.  It’s fast and affordable!

In most cases we can be in and out of your business in just a few minutes.  We have the correct tools and knowledge to change your safe combination.  We can also perform routine maintenance and make sure your lock is in working order.

Safe Cracking

If you’ve forgotten your safe combination, we can also crack your safe and reset your combination.  We are able to drill your safe to gain entry.  Once we’re done drilling the safe, we can repair the hole as if nothing had happened.

Call us with any questions you may have about your existing safe or if you’re in the market for a new safe, we have many in stock!