Laser Car Keys

high-security-car-keysLaser Car Keys

Laser Cut Car Keys in Richmond VA

At American Lock & Key, we offer many automotive locksmith services in Richmond VA. We have been in business since 1980, so we’ve had time to hone our car locksmith skills.

Laser Keys/High Security Keys

Most newer cars require keys that are called ‘laser keys’ or ‘high security car keys’. These keys look different from your standard car key. A standard car key has cuts like a house key. They go up and down. Laser car keys on the other hand, have cuts on the flat side of the key. They¬†sometimes look like a river cut into a valley. These laser keys require special key cutting equipment and are more expensive to cut. To find out if you have laser car keys, call us at 804-282-6060!

Laser Key Programming

Laser car keys typically have a transponder chip in them. At American Lock & Key, we sell keys and remotes for almost every car.  We have Laser Keys, Chip Keys, Transponder Keys, Remotes, Key FOBS, and more! We can cut and program your high security car keys.