Laser Car Keys

Laser Cut Car Keys in Richmond VA

Two High Security Laser Car Keys Side By Side; one new, one old.

Broken Car Key Remote? We Can Cut A New Laser Cut Key.

At American Lock & Key, we offer many automotive locksmith services in Richmond VA. We have been in business since 1980, so we’ve had time to hone our car locksmith skills.

Laser Keys/High-Security Keys

Most newer cars require keys that are called ‘laser keys’ or ‘high-security car keys’. These keys look different from your standard car key. A standard car key has cuts like a house key. They go up and down. Laser car keys, on the other hand, have cuts on the flat side of the key. They sometimes look like a river cut into a valley. These laser keys require special key cutting equipment and are more expensive to cut. To find out if you have laser car keys, call us at 804-282-6060!

Laser Key Programming

Laser car keys typically have a transponder chip in them. At American Lock & Key, we sell keys and remotes for almost every car. We have Laser Keys, Chip Keys, Transponder Keys, Remotes, Key FOBS, and more! We can cut and program your high-security car keys.

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