Wood Doors Richmond VA

Our trained wood workers are highly knowledgable and skilled.  We can create all the custom wood doors Richmond VA of your dreams and install in no time at all.  Our doors are built to last.  They are built using a special technique to prevent sag, bowing, or bending.  Our wood doors Richmond VA are rigid enough to withstand a commercial property and all the traffic it receives.  We can build your door or frame out of almost any type of wood.  We stock poplar, pine, spanish cedar and many more.

If you need hollow metal doors and frames, we also offer fire rated metal doors and frames.

Since we are also licensed locksmiths, we can provide and install all locking hardware on your wood doors Richmond VA.  Whether you need fire rated hardware, or regular Grade 1 commercial hardware, we can assist.  We offer panic and exit devices, deadbolts, pull handles, lever locks, mortise cylinders, rim cylinders, high security locks and much more!  We stand behind our labor and our materials for up to 1 year.

If you need your doors to be access controlled, such as at a school or hospital, we can provide you with top notch security.  Your doors will open and close at the times you specify using special security FOBS.  Only personnel with the right credentials will be able to access your property.  To confirm everyone is safe, we also like install cameras where necessary.

  • Date:Oct 2012


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