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Schlage Keyless Entry Lock

Schlage Keyless Entry Lock

If you hate carrying keys, consider keyless entry locking systems, now in stock at American Lock & Key.

We can swap out your out-dated door hardware for high tech keyless entry locks that open with a push-combination style lock or badge reader in no time at all.

Never be locked out of your house again with your own security code for residential access.

These keypads are stand-alone, battery operated electronic locks. You don’t have to worry about messy wires. You also don’t have to worry about getting locked out if you lose power to your house.

A recent vulnerability was found in electronic locks that are connected to your smartphone. These locks have been found to be hacked to unlock houses without customers knowledge. Beware of these locks. Stick with stand-alone electronic keyless entry.

We offer keyless entry locks like the one shown in multiple colors as well as locks with lever handles.

We can also sell the key override keyless entry. In case you feel more comfortable having a physical key to unlock your home, apartment, or business. Regardless of the situation, the way of the future is keyless entry, try one out today!

Enjoy The Benefits Of Residential Keyless Entry Locks

Yale Nest Keyless Lock At American Lock & Key

Yale Nest Keyless Lock At American Lock & Key

How would you feel with the ultimate in security on your side? We live in a world that is full of uncertainty; at any time devastation could occur and you could lose all of the things that you love the most. Sadly it is oftentimes break-in and robbery that accounts for those losses, and doing all that you can to protect yourself, the ones that you love and all of the things that you have worked hard for is a must. This means using the latest in technology for your home or business security.

Keyless entry locks offer the ultimate in security for your home or business. Keyless entry systems can protect facilities small and large with the utmost in protection. But exactly what is keyless entry, and how can it benefit you with this added amount of protection?

Keyless entry locks are controlled by an electronic lock. There is no key used for keyless entry systems, rather a special access code, badge, or device is used at the keypad. More and more people are choosing to use keyless entry because they understand there is no better way to keep their property safe day in and day out.

No Key Needed

With the use of the keyless entry locks, you eliminate a lot of worries. What happens if you forget your key? Even worse, what if it is left in an obvious place and gets into the hands of the wrong person? With keyless entry systems, these worries are no more. But this is far from the end of the exciting benefits that come along with keyless entry systems. Take a look at these great benefits of the keyless entry system, and get in touch with the locksmith sooner instead of later to get the protection you want and need.

  • Access to a building/home can be added or eliminated at any time with keyless entry without the worry of an extra key being made.
  • Entry is quicker. No more fumbling around in your purse or pockets attempting to locate the keys.
  • Keyless locks cannot be picked open. There is no worry that the lock will be picked or someone will manipulate the system to gain entry into your space.

These are just some of the many things that can be enjoyed with the installation of keyless entry locks. Do not miss out on the security and the peace of mind that comes along with this protection.

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