Keyless Entry

keyless-entryKeyless Entry

If you hate carrying keys, consider keyless entry systems by American Lock & Key.

We can swap out your out-dated door hardware for high tech keyless entry locks that open with a push-combination style lock or badge reader in no time at all.

Never be locked out of your house again with your own security code for residential access.

These keypads are stand alone, battery operated electronic locks.  You don’t have to worry about messy wires.  You also don’t have to worry about getting locked out if you lose power to your house.

A recent vulnerability was found in electronic locks that are connected to your smart phone.  These locks have been found to be hacked to unlock houses without customers knowledge.  Beware of these locks.  Stick with stand alone electronic keyless entry.

We  offer keyless entry locks like the one shown in multiple colors as well as locks with lever handles.

We can also sell the key override keyless entry.  In case you feel more comfortable having a physical key to unlock your home, apartment, or business.  Regardless of the situation, the way of the future is keyless entry, try one out today!