Change Locks on House

new-lock-install-henrico-vaChange Locks on House

Why You may Need to Change the Locks on Your House

If you have recently purchased a house in Richmond, Virginia, you should change the locks as soon as you take full possession. Even if the seller gives you all of the keys, there may be duplicates that the seller is not aware of. Keys are often given to friends or service companies for temporary use and copies may have been made. Realtors also could have copies that have been forgotten from lock boxes.

You want to be safe in your home and ensure that your property is safe while you are away. Changing the locks is not an expensive procedure and new locks will go a long way towards keeping you secure. Remember to change the locks for any exterior entries from the garage or a sunroom, if you have one.

If your locks are old and difficult to operate, changing the hardware will make your life easier. You may also have several different keys due to hardware changes over the years. Getting a set of locks, keyed alike, will eliminate the frustration of trying to find the right key.

Losing a set of keys to your home is another reason to consider changing the locks. Even if your keys are not marked with your address, and you do not think anyone could ever use them, getting new hardware is a good investment. You really will have more peace of mind knowing where all of your keys are.

Rental homes present a slightly different situation. While it is always wise to have new locks installed, you should receive your property owner’s permission first. If you are a property owner, always have the locks changed between tenants. At American Lock & Key, we can also re-key your existing locks if you prefer.

Purchasing new locking systems will provide you with greater security. American Lock & Key in Richmond, Virginia has high security locks that are drill and pick resistant. Our licensed and trained technicians can install your new locks to save you time and ensure that the installation is done correctly. We also provide additional services including electronic push button lever locks, deadbolts and knobs as well as lock repairs.