Total Security

wtvr locksmithTotal Security

We believe a house should be fully protected, especially in today’s high-stress world.  No matter where you live in Richmond Virginia or the Metro area, added security features can always come in handy.  This means having total security for your home or business.

At American Lock & Key we can do everything from improving your door hardware, video monitoring, access control, safe and vaults, and even the doors themselves.

We can never be too careful.  Ensuring the safety of your family is critical from the outside to the inside.  We carry safes to secure firearms and valuables.  We have locks that are pick resistant.  We have concrete filled door frames and 14 gauge metal doors with reinforcement. These small improvements make a huge difference and can be painted to blend in as if they are regular, unassuming doors.

Don’t forget about improved glass and window security with easy to install shatter resistant films.  This shatter resistant film was featured on the Rachael Ray TV show.  It is a clear film, easily installed to protect against blunt force to any window.  The film can be installed on your car or house.  Ask about it today!