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A deadbolt is a locking device that can only be moved to the open position by rotating the lock cylinder. A deadbolt can make a door more resistant to entry without using the correct key. Many times, these locks are used to compliment a spring bolt lock on a door that is used to enter into a building.

Common Types of Deadbolts

A deadbolt lock may have either a single cylinder or double cylinder. Single cylinder deadbolts accept keys on one side of the lock and in turn are operated by a twist knob on the flip side of the door. Double cylinder locks accept keys on both sides of the door and therefore do not require a twist knob on the flip side of the door. Other types of deadbolts include single cylinder bolts with removable thumb-turns, classroom function bolts, exit only function bolts, and push-button deadbolts.

Safety Concerns

The double cylinder design raises a safety concerns for many people. In case of a fire or natural disaster, people will be prevented from escaping through double cylinder locked doors unless a key is used, which can and is a very serious problem that should be immediately addressed. Your safety should be your utmost importance in deciding which type of deadbolt to place on your door for your home or business.

We at American Lock & Key in Short Pump, VA have all of the deadbolts available for you to put into your home and/or your business. Just because Short Pump is a small community, it does not mean that you do not need to keep your home and business safe. Since Short Pump is close to Richmond, there has been a huge increase in population. You can talk with us and we can help you decide which type of deadbolt device is going to be best for you in Short Pump. We have everything in our stock and can quickly come to your home or business and get your deadbolts installed in a very timely manner.

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