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There was a time when the need to go back and make sure that our door and windows were locked and bolted before we left our driveways was unheard of. Sadly, those times are long gone. Today, you are more likely than not, to make sure that you have a backup person that goes behind you to check to make sure that you haven’t missed anything. It is equally more alarming if you have been the victim of a home invasion in the past. Becoming more aware of home security and the difference among the available high-security locks and regular locks is an important factor when determining just how far you will go to protect those that you love.

When deciding whether or not you want to go with a high-security Medco lock, a Schlage Primus lock,  or a standard lock such as a Schlage lock or Kwikset lock, there are several factors that you would want to not only look at but to also consider and compare. Together, we will go through a few and give a side by side answers to these all important issues. I have taken the time to look into these issues through both company sites as well as some investigative sites that have done some independent testing. Some of these factors include but are not limited to:

What are the chances of someone being able to just walk up to my door and forcing themselves with their body through my door?

Medco: According to Medco, one independent testing site. And the 2011 Consumer Reports Magazine, the likely hood of someone being able to use bodily force to enter your home when a proper installation of a Medco lock is done is as close to zero as a lock could possibly get. Yes, there is always a rare circumstance where it is a true possibility where it is so rare that it is not worth mentioning.  Asking how Secure is my home in Richmond VA is a great question to keep in mind.  Upgrading to high-security locks may be the solution.

Kwikset:After reviewing several pages of reviews, questions and answers by technicians and self-help guru’s on popping Kwikset locks, it appears that it is common practice to pop Kwikset lock with at least a 50% warning that you will not sleep well again after you see just how easy it is to pop the lock. What was equally amazing was the fact that two major brand high-security locks were listed as being unable to be popped. Any guess as to who was one of those?

Can someone buy a generic quick pick lock picking set and gain access to my house rather easily?

Medco: No, in order to gain access through a Medco lock, you would require the services of a skilled and trained Medco service technician to gain access and or rekey the lock. Medco locks have a special sidebar feature that other locks do not have. It makes them virtually pick proof, though not 100% it is still very rare.

Kwikset: Yes, if you were not of a big enough size to use your own body to pop your own lock to gain access to your home in an emergency situation, you could easily pick up a cheap set for about $7 dollars.

There have been times that I personally have went to big box stores and sought out lock sets to change locks in my home since I have a home that has multiple outside doors, I prefer to have a one key fits all rather than let me guess what goes where the type of deal. Are you one of those companies that I can sort through the box to find that matching key number?

Medco: No, there are no big boxes for our customer to go sorting through where they can just pick and choose a few here and there.

Kwikset: Yes, you can easily look through the available boxes on shelves t stores such as Home Depot and or Lowes and find packages with the same key number that is boldly printed on the back of the package. Not necessary a good ideal if you have a bad crowd in the neighborhood watch your space to your schedule.

The choice is simply yours to make. It is after all your home, your family and the most important things in your life. Take stock of what you have. It may cost a bit more to protect what’s important but in the end, the cost is justified if you don’t have to live without it.

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