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If your new home is your pride and joy there are many options to keep your home secure and make it as decorative as possible even with your security hardware. The choices of decorative hardware are unbelievable for beauty and security.

At American Lock & Key we specialize in making our clientele completely satisfied. If you want pretty accents on your door hardware we can install these quite easily for you and your specific desires. The choices between just regular hardware and decorative hardware are amazing. From Glass door knobs to sleekly designed keyless entry locks for your entryway, you will love securing your home with these accents.

Types Of Decorative Locks

When working with a licensed locksmith on your door frame replacement Richmond VA project, you will be given the opportunity to select decorate locks to include on your door and door frame. These locks come in a wide range of options including various shapes, such as round, oval, octagon, square, straight or curved. You can also pick from different metals, such as gold, silver, bronze or brass, or pick the perfect color for your home. In addition, to shapes and metals, you can select a lock that is fairly plain or standard or a very stylish lock that includes an etched design.

Selecting The Right Locks For You

When choosing the right decorative locks for your door frame replacement Richmond VA project, you certainly want to take your own style and taste into consideration. You should also consider the current exterior or interior décor of your home and find a lockset that will match these colors and designs. The type of lock you can choose between will depend on whether you are looking for an interior or exterior door lock. Interior door locks can various styles, such as a passage, tubular, spring-latch and privacy locks, which can be easily opened from the outside of the door, whereas exterior doors typically use deadbolt locks.

There are so many different decorative locks to select from, you are sure to find the perfect one for your door. If you are working with a professional locksmith for your door frame replacement Richmond VA, he/she will be able to help you determine what type of locks would work best for your home. This will help you narrow down your selection dramatically, allowing you to then just choose the style of lock that you like the best and that you feel will match either the interior or exterior of your home.

What Other Kinds Of Decorative Hardware Can I Have Installed?

Well, there are many things such as beautiful door numbers on your door for your address. You can have door knockers that speak your style. There are many beautiful choices now for people to choose from. Security doesn’t have to be plain looking to be excellent. Decorative hardware is art and these artists have differently designed door handles instead of just the regular doorknob, you can choose from bronze and different materials now.

Door latches and deadbolts are even very attractive hardware now with designs made for the homeowner to enjoy completely. There are companies that supply completely brass arts and crafts style deadbolts for people who want a beautiful touch to their security.

Decorative hardware is now a special art form. If you like sleek designs or old classic beauty in your home these decorative hardware items can be purchased and installed easily. Even your keys can be specifically you if you are different and love accents that no one else has. You can pick the accents you want for your home or office that make your locks uniquely beautiful.

Pick from gorgeous door knockers and latches that will beautify your security. Thinking outside the box with your hardware is easy with this beautiful hardware. These extravagant and classic designs are definitely fun and enjoyable for your beautiful home. Whether you like classic Sherlock Holmes or futuristic sleek hardware you can pick your choices and have them installed too with American Lock & Key.

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