Key Cutting


Key Cutting

Whether you have a car key, house key, padlock key, mailbox key, filing cabinet key, safe key, safety deposit key, we can duplicate them all.

If you have a key broke off in a lock, call us to extract the key and make you a new one.

If you are missing a key to a lock, we can make a key from scratch in a few minutes.  We can make a key by code or make a key by impressioning the lock.



key-cutting-roomKey Cutting Room

Our key room has thousands of different key blanks to fit any hole you have.  The big box stores don’t carry these keys, so why bother wasting time.  Come to our showroom the first time, to save yourself time and money.

Our keys are strong and durable for years of working service.  Our keys won’t bend like other thin keys.  We care about our quality of products and services.

If we don’t carry the key blank you need, we have the resources to order you a key blank.  In some cases, gas cap keys, cabinet keys, or keys without any markings are hard to locate because they are made in China.

Come in to our showroom today, we are happy to help!