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We Can Cut All Sorts Of Keys In A Minute

Key cutting machine at locksmith shop in Richmond Virginia for cutting car keys

We Cut High-Security Car Keys On This Machine.

Whether you have a car key, house key, padlock key, mailbox key, filing cabinet key, safe key, safety deposit key, skeleton key, high-security key, or double-sided key – we can duplicate them all both in our office or on the road, at your location.

If you have a key broke off in a lock, call us to extract the key and make you a new one.

If you are missing a key to a lock, we can make a key from scratch in a few minutes.  We can make a key by code or make a key by impressioning the lock.


Our Key Cutting Room

Boxes of different car keys including Ford

We have 1000’s of Keys in Stock!

Our key room has thousands of different key blanks to fit any hole you have.  The big box stores and kiosks don’t carry these keys, so why bother wasting time.  Come to our lock shop showroom the first time, to save yourself time and money.

Our keys are strong and durable for years of working service.  Our keys won’t bend like other thin keys.  We care about the quality of our products and services.

If we don’t carry the key blank you need, we have the resources to order you a key blank.  In some cases, gas cap keys, cabinet keys, or keys without any markings are hard to locate because they are made in China.

No key or lock is too complicated for yours truly. Come into our showroom today, we are happy to help!


How Does A Locksmith Make My Keys?

Mobile locksmith truck in front of a beautiful Richmond Virginia sunset.

Our mobile trucks can cut keys for you at your business, home, or car.

If you’re looking for a place to get your keys cut in Richmond, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will outline all that you need to know regarding the process of key cutting.

Firstly, you will need to provide a copy of the original key so it can be used as a template for the new key. This key will be shaved of all excess trimmings and metal so it can provide the most accurate copy possible, and won’t interfere with the cohesiveness inside the lock.

The keys will both then be placed in the key cutting machine, held side by side for the cut. The machine will then cut the indentations into the new key as matched by the original. Following this comes deburring. This is where the new key is filed down to remove all sharp edges and excess metal that were a result of the cut.

This is a general guide for the most commonly used form of key cutting. There are also other methods that involve punch machines, but these are less common and require more time and expertise by the locksmith.

At American lock and Key, we have been in the locksmith business for years and can solve all of your problems with no issue whatsoever. Providing value is our mission. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and go out of their way to make sure you get the best possible experience for your key cutting needs.

Local Key Cutting Pros

People lose their keys all the time. Sometimes they are fortunate enough to have a spare, and sometimes they are not. In the event, there is no extra key hiding in the back of the drawer, there is another alternative. Residents in Richmond, Virginia can get an extra key made, or they can opt for a duplicate key.

An extra key saves time and money, in the event that the original key is lost, damaged, or misplaced. Making keys for homes, automobiles, or commercial buildings require the expertise of a professional locksmith service provider. American Lock & Key in Richmond, Virginia can reproduce a large variety of keys for any reason.  Come to our office, on Spener Road, to get keys made.

Get Quick Service – Even With Chip Keys

One quick call to us can make a bad day, a better day. Even the fancy cars with the electronic chip keys are not a problem for a real professional locksmith. In newer model vehicles the chip is actually embedded in the head of the key. We have the latest technology to reproduce keys for almost everything.  Call today!

Hire a Locksmith That Can Program Your Car Keys

With the new chip or transponder keys, the driver can arm or disarm the vehicle, and the security system. This is why it is important not to lose these keys. If the keys are lost it is advisable for the driver to hire a professional, experienced, and well- trained locksmith that knows about new modern technology.

Accessories Your Keys!

green and red carabiner key accessories

We have carabiner, key chains, and colored keys in stock.

We deal with keys all day long, of course, we have key accessories such as key chains, carabiner, colored key caps, hide-a-key options, and more!

There are numerous key accessories that you will need to have on hand in order to make your life easy, and while you’re at the locksmith company you can pick any of these items up. Exactly what type of key accessories are we talking about here?

Key Chains

If you’re having a key made you probably won’t forget to pick up a keychain, but otherwise, you may forget this needed key accessory! A keychain makes it easy to locate your keys and keep them all (your home, auto, etc.) together.

Key Cases

If you prefer, key cases are also available. Many people use them instead of the key chains, and they are certainly more appealing in design for those who want luxury on hand all day long.

Extra Keys

Yes, you need extra keys for your lock! Without an extra key getting into your locked out item could be a very expensive endeavor. It costs only a couple of bucks to make an extra key, so make sure this is the accessory that you do not forget.

Key Retriever

A key retriever is another accessory that is designed for the business professional, and certainly an item that you want to have available.

Key Box

A key box is another item for the business professional. This box can hold numerous keys in one central location, with a lock so it is accessible only to those who hold the key.


Many people like to carry their keys on a lanyard. They’re easy to keep track of since they can easily hang around your neck, and they are also very cheap to purchase.

These are just some of the different accessories that you will need. Chances are you want to have several of them available to you at all times. There are tons of other goodies, too, so make sure that you are looking at all of the key accessories Richmond VA that are available so you get exactly what you want and need! Your locksmith will be glad to help you!

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