Key Cloning

key-cloningKey Cloning

Clone Car Key in Richmond VA

If you already have a car key but need a spare key, you’ll want American Lock & Key to clone your transponder key.

If you lose your original car key, it will cost 3 times as much and twice as long to get a key generated from scratch.  If you have no car keys, we would have to come to your car, unlock it, determine how to cut a working key, then hook up our diagnostic equipment to your car’s computer to program new transponder keys or Key FOBS. Save yourself the hassle and get your car key cloned so you’ll always have a spare key.

A transponder key is the car key with the electronic chip in the head of the key.  A transponder key has to be programmed using expensive electrical equipment with a trained automotive locksmith technician.

Don’t put yourself in a situation where you have no keys to your car.  If you have 2 keys and lose 1, call us immediately to start the key cloning process.  It only takes a few minutes, we can perform the service while you wait in our showroom.

At American Lock & Key we have the keys, equipment, and trained technicians!

Stop by our location at 2110 Spencer Road, Richmond, Virginia 23230 or call today!  We look forward to serving you.