Automatic Doors

Automatic-DoorsAutomatic Doors

American Lock & Key’s Automatic doors division has the answer to all your institutional, commercial, and retail storefront needs.

Call our ‘A-Team’ the first time!

We can:

  • Install new automatic doors during new construction
  • Fix someone else’s mistakes
  • Repair broken automatic sensors/motors/doors
  • Replace broken automatic sensors/motors/doors
  • Perform routine maintenance

Our team of professionals can work with contractors and electricians to get the job done with ease. We have worked on new and old buildings and we always give our customers exactly what they want.

Whether its a retrofit or in the architectural design of a new construction, our technicians have the skill and knowledge to provide or custom build exactly what is required.

Hospital Automatic Doors

We work in hospitals and have the ability to keep the surrounding area free of dust and debris while we install automatic doors, automatic operators, handicap accessible hardware, and much more.

We know how important it is to be cleanly and prompt with our service.  We have years of experience and only install the most durable of products to keep maintenance costs down.

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