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Hydraulic Door Closer For Commercial Doors.

If your business gets a lot of walk-in customers, you probably want to consider installing some kind of door closers on your primary entrance and exit doors. Such devices are easily installed by a qualified locksmith and make it easier for your customers to get in and out of your place of business. Door closers are also a necessary part of complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) code requirements.

What Are Door Closers?

Door closers are hydraulic devices that attach to the top of your door frame and allow the door to gently close itself automatically, without slamming. They allow the door to open and close gradually with little or no pressure and can be fitted to most any type and size of the door.

Benefits Of Using Door Closers

Hydraulic door closers offer many advantages. They make it easy for customers to enter and exit your building. Such hardware also helps to keep the door closed, minimizing heat loss in the winter or cooled air in the summer. If your business is one where customers leave with packages or carts, such as a delivery service or a grocery, door closers save them having to juggle their purchases while trying to open or close the door to your premises. Door closers Henrico VA can also help your business be compliant with ADA code regulations. Many fire codes require door closers be installed in businesses to help ensure that doors that need to be kept closed to contain a potential fire do, in fact, stay closed.

Keep everyone safe with properly installed and maintained door closers. You don’t want your door slamming fast, it could accidentally hit someone or slam on fingers. You also don’t want the door too difficult to open, some customers may have difficulty opening the door and could lose their balance in the process. If your door closer is leaking fluid, it’s time for it to be replaced. We keep many door closers in stock for fast and reliable locksmith service.

If you have metal doors, wooden doors, or glass doors, we will be able to install or repair your door closers.

We also offer concealed door closers and motorized (automatic door closers). These door closers offer customers easy access to your building and are energy efficient.

American Lock & Key in Henrico, VA offers a wide range of door products and locksmith services. If you’re in the market for door closers Henrico VA, new door hardware and/or new locks, call us today at 804-282-6060.


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