Push Button Lock

Push Button LockPush Button Lock

Your security needs are top priority because keeping your family safe and your belongings protected is important in this day and age. The push button lock has many features and benefits and should be considered when purchasing security door locks for your home and family or business. At American Lock & Key Richmond VA we are here to make sure your premises is secured.

·         Benefits of a push button lock

No matter what your needs whether they be commercial or residential this type of lock is perfect for keyless entry. With no keys to worry with or copy your code can gain you access quickly and easily. With our expert locksmiths on hand to install this very secure lock your property is protected.

At American Lock & Key Richmond VA we provide the most up to date technology and this product is superb for the owner who is troubled by worrying with keys.  Providing a durable and easy form of security the push button lock is sturdy and security with simple access entry for the owner. It is low maintenance and fits left and right swinging doors with no batteries or wires to worry with this is a fantastic security device.

Our expert team of locksmiths can be on hand to install your new push button lock with ease. You will feel the security increase as simplicity comes in an easy and secure push button lock. American Key & Locksmith experts are trained with quality upgrades and technology on keeping residential and commercial property secured.

With peace of mind and safety for our clientele we will install and instruct you exactly how to stay secure with your new locks. These locks fit just about any hinged door and if you need a secure room or want your front and back entrances secure this is an easy efficient way to do this.

·         American Lock & Key Products and Services

These types of locks are just one of our security features that you can add to your home or property to bring real security to your doors.  Call one of our experts today and start getting that security you need around your home. If you have older locks and want to upgrade it is time for your property to be completely safe and secured with the latest technology.