Panic Device

commercial-locksmith-servicesPanic Device

To meet certain code requirements a panic device (crash bar) is exactly what your business may need.  A panic device can be installed on your emergency exit doors or front doors.

The panic device is operated by pushing on it which unlatches and opens the door.

They get their name because people will ‘crash’ into them during an evacuation situation such as a fire.  By placing these panic devices at waist level, they span across the width of the door so that people can evacuate a building with as few problems as possible.  No matter where they hit the panic device, it will unlock the door to allow the user to exit.

Some panic devices can even sound an alarm to notify the whole building of an emergency.

Our locksmiths can inspect your fire doors to make sure they meet Code and fix the doors if they fail inspection.

For your residential or commercial use it is often a good thing to have a panic device or crash bar for security reasons that your business or home can be at its most secure. If you have an emergency situation this spring loaded device can save lives.

At American Lock & Key we are your security provider in security devices and installation. With our expertise and workmanship in Richmond VA we are here to provide your safety and security with the latest in technology and advances.

·         The Panic Device

The Panic device is just one of many security devices offered and installed by our expert locksmiths and with this kind of expertise on your side you can feel safer knowing that experience and premier workmanship has gone into your home’s security.

These kinds of devices have been around for many years because of their proven effectiveness in protecting and saving lives in an emergency situation. Your building may need this advantage to save lives and in most cases building code even requires you have this device installed in the building.

It is important to maintain codes but even more important to have this device in case of a fire or other emergency situations. No matter where the device is hit it opens up and alarms can be installed to sound in case of a fire or other situations to sound the alarm for help.

·         American Lock & Key Richmond VA is your security blanket

The Panic Device has to be installed in most commercial buildings and must be up to city code. We will help you ensure that your building and safety standards are up to code and that you are operating under a security blanket of protection for your commercial needs.

Call one of our expert locksmiths today to find out more about the Panic Device. If your building is in need of these upgrades we will work within your budget so that you can meet standards and budget with ease.

The Panic device has proven over the years to be one of the most effective commercial safety devices used in commercial security. The crashbar can be opened easily and keep your business safe in case of an emergency and we at American Lock & Key Richmond VA care about your safety and the safety of your employees so we will apply all of our security expertise to help you remain safe and secured.