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If you’ve been locked out of the house it can be a very scary situation! Whether you’ve lost a key, broken a key, or locked it inside, you want to get back in as quickly as you possibly can. Thanks to our house lockout services you will not be out of your house any longer than need be. Our house lockout services are offered at a price affordable to any budget. When you call American Lock & Key locksmith, here are some of the many services that we can provide to you.

Lockout Services 

This is one of the most commonly utilized services that you can find with the locksmith. It is also one of the most basic services we provide. When you lock your keys inside of your home, our technician has special tools that will get you right into your home without damage to your lock.

High-Security Locks – Bump Proof

These days and times it is possible for a break-in to occur in any part of town no matter the size of your home. This means all homes should have high-security locks. If you are ever locked out of your home, we can research your information, cut a key, and bring it to you. This is the ideal situation because high-security locks are bump proof and pick resistant. 

Keyless Entry Smart Locks

There is no safer or easier way to get inside of your home. No more fumbling with keys or losing them inside of the purse. With keyless entry, you can easily gain access into your home with nothing more than the push of a button. It is far more secure and very affordable to the budget.

Rekeying Locks/Changing Locks

There are many instances in which you could require rekeying, or the total replacement of your locking system so that old keys no longer work. Whether it is to keep old tenants out of a rental home or after a theft or break-in, rekeying services are just part of our residential locksmith services to consider.

Need New House Keys?

Do you need new keys? The locksmith can make them for you.

These services enable you to feel safe and confident inside of your home day in and day out. There are many other residential locksmith services that you will also find offered, ensuring that no matter what problem you are facing the solution is readily available.

American Lock & Key is the house lockout Richmond professionals ready and willing to handle any of the above locksmith needs. If it involves a lock or a key, these professionals cater to your needs. They are available around the clock and offer professional services that are designed to meet all of your needs.

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