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car-chip-key A chip key is a transponder key that was developed to prevent theft of the vehicle. When a new car is purchased today, it comes with one of these transponder keys. 

What is a Chip Key For Cars?

A chip key is programmed for each vehicle, which allows the owner to start their car. Each key has a unique identification, and the car can only be started using it. You can get a duplicate made of a chip key from the car dealership or a locksmith, such as American Lock & Key in Richmond VA. A chip key can only function for the individual’s car, and cannot be used on other cars of the same make and model.

A chip key Richmond VA works by sending a radio signal to the vehicle that in turn starts the engine. Each chip key produced has a different chip with a unique identity number. When the radio signal is sent to the vehicle the identity number is validated by the car’s engine. If the identification number does not match, the engine will not start. Most manufacturers provide their customers with two chip keys that have an identical number at the time of purchase.

Services Of A Car Locksmith

If your transponder key fails to start your vehicle, you can call a locksmith who can fix the faulty key. Because of the chips inside of the transponder, this is usually an easy process for the locksmith. In most cases, the locksmith has equipment that they use to replace the computer key.

Replacing a transponder key is much more expensive than simply duplicating a traditional car key. The automotive locksmith in Richmond providing this service to you should be certified by the state before they offer you this type of service.

Vehicle Security

Because a chip key Richmond VA is very unique for each car it makes it impossible for a thief to start the vehicle without one. Gone are the days of putting two wires together to start a vehicle. The only way the thief could break into your vehicle is by stealing the actual transponder key. Because of this, you should keep it very secure.

Transponder keys are the new technology that is used for every vehicle. Locksmiths can help you with any problem that you are having with your chip key.

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