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Car Keys Richmond VA Everyone that owns a car has a car key, and almost everyone drives their car every day. When car keys are lost, it can be very frustrating. This is especially true if you are far from home.

Lost car keys need to be replaced very quickly. The person that can do this for you is a Richmond car locksmith, such as American Lock & Key on Spencer Road. A locksmith can make a duplicate of your key without having a copy of one. They have a variety of tools that they can use to rekey the lock for you. If you have the VIN number for your car, a locksmith can use this to duplicate a key.

If you have a set of keys and want a copy of them made, take the keys to a locksmith and they can make you a set in only a few minutes using the highest quality keys and well-calibrated key cutting machine.

A locksmith is also helpful if you lock your keys inside of your car. There are many benefits of a locksmith in a situation like this, including:

  • A locksmith is trained to unlock cars quickly without causing any damage
  • A locksmith is prepared with the proper equipment to unlock your car
  • A locksmith can unlock the car in only a few minutes, which saves you time
  • The locksmith can replace the key for you on the spot.

There are different tools that a locksmith uses to unlock a car with the keys inside. Make sure to tell him the make and model of your car, because this can determine the type of tool that is used.

The Slim Jim can be used, which is a thin piece of metal that the locksmith inserts between the stripping and the window. This tool catches the lock mechanism located in the door and then opens the door. If you call a locksmith for this problem, they will more than likely bring this tool with them. There are different models of Slim Jim’s, and the locksmith must use the right one so they do not damage the car.

A wedge can also be used to unlock a car with the keys inside. It is inserted between the door and the door frame and separates the window slightly. A wire is then put through space provide by the wedge to reach the locking mechanism.

A lasso tool can be used for older cars that have locks that are pulled up.

There are other tools that a locksmith may use to unlock your car door. The locksmith can also take care of high-security needs, such as key remotes.

A locksmith can be very helpful with problems that you are having with your car keys, and provide you with many services so call us today for car keys Richmond VA!

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