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Why Use a Locksmith Instead Of a Handyman

by | May 23, 2019 | Information | 0 comments

The locks need replacing or repairing? They are worn and the keys need to be super-jiggled to open. They are unable to provide security any longer. There is a possibility that all of the hardware could use replacement. What are the options available? Who is best to do this job?

Hiring a handyman who has a resume from soup to nuts should not be a consideration because of the potential consumer difficulties that can surface. By calling a professional locksmith the customer can be certain they are making the right decision when it comes to this specialized service.

So, why use a locksmith instead of a handyman?

  • Locksmiths are trained to recommend the right product for the job. They are familiar with quality products they have installed it previously and know the product’s capacity.
  • They are able to complete the job in record time. By not having to read instructions because they have installed the lock, or replaced the cylinders, or forged the keys innumerable times.
  • They have a set price grid and rate for each job whereas a handyman will charge by the hour and because of his inexperience surpass standard installation and reparation fees.
  • Using a locksmith provides a job guarantee which assures that should something go wrong with the installation that was his responsibility to ensure, a locksmith will return to fix the problem. Getting a handyman to return for a small adjustment will likely be a futile effort.
  • In the instance of a costly, high quality lock being improperly installed, the manufacturer’s guarantee is  not always applicable. If a locksmith improperly installs a lock the guarantee will apply (with receipt of payment for the lock and installation invoice) but if a handyman’s installation is questioned the guarantee will be void.
  • A good locksmith can be counted on to make an appointment time and keep it and be available in emergency situations 24/7.
  • Locksmiths carry specialized tools to ensure the work is carried out in the least amount of time and with no damage to existing locks, door frames or hardware.
  • Locksmiths have a variety of barrels, locks, keys and products on hand to choose from.
  • A professional locksmith will keep records of your products and register locks as needed.
  • Locksmiths carry an assurance of security and safety.

Security – Experience – Professionalism

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