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How A Deadbolt Can Improve Security

a sideview of a schlage deadbolt assembled

We Have New Deadbolts To Install On Your House.

Looking for a proven, affordable way to improve the safety and security of your Richmond, Virginia home or business? A quality deadbolt from American Lock & Key delivers exceptional value, reliability, and durability; it provides unparalleled protection against break-ins with ease of use, making it a great choice for both homeowners and businesses. 

Why Deadbolts Are So Effective

Here at American Lock & Key in Richmond, Virginia, we’ve sold and installed countless deadbolts to both our residential and commercial clients; this is because deadbolts provide a strong, mechanical deterrent against break-ins and intruders. 

A deadbolt lock has a reinforced steel bolt which, when extended, travels through both the metal strike plate and the solid door jamb of the door frame. This makes the deadbolt exceptionally strong and resistant to being kicked in or forced open, unlike a simple locking door handle that can be forced open with relative ease. 

Another reason why deadbolts are popular among American Lock & Key customers in Richmond, Virginia is the reliability that this type of lock delivers; a quality deadbolt can last for decades, can be re-keyed and unlike electronic security systems, isn’t reliant upon electricity. 

How To Choose The Right Deadbolt 

Deadbolt locks vary in quality, style and locking options; while traditional deadbolts open and lock using a standard key, consumers can now find battery-powered key-less entry deadbolts along with with combination key-less-keyed entry deadbolts. 

Most homeowners in Richmond Virginia choose single-cylinder deadbolts; this type of deadbolt locks from the outside using a key, and from the inside using a knob or flat fitting. Double-cylinder deadbolts are popular among commercial property owners because this type of lock requires a key to lock and unlock the door from both sides; double-cylinder deadbolts can be commonly found in offices, retail stores, and manufacturing facilities. 

The locksmiths at American Lock & Key in Richmond Virginia can help you choose the best deadbolt for your particular needs; we stock only quality deadbolts from trusted manufacturers like Mul-T-Lock and U.S. Lock. We also install and service all the products we sell, making it easy for you to improve the safety and security of your home or business.

For More Information

To learn more choosing the right deadbolts for your Richmond Virginia home or business, contact American Lock & Key today. 

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