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You can never predict when you might misplace your keys. There is always the possibility of losing your keys, especially if you are busy and you are on the go on a frequent basis. If you live in Richmond, Virginia and you have either locked your keys inside your car or misplaced them and you need a locksmith, then you are probably confused about who to turn to. American Lock & Key is a professional and reputable company offering locksmith services in the Richmond, Virginia area. Here are some tips for preventing such a situation from occurring again in the future:

Always Make Extra Sets Of Keys

By making 2 or more copies of your car keys, you can always ensure that you have an extra copy in case something should happen to the original one. It’s a good idea to give one copy of your car keys to a reliable and trustworthy family member or friend, and the other copy can be kept on the vehicle itself. How? There are special magnets that can attach the key underneath your car or truck. This makes it easy for you to access an extra key in an emergency, yet it keeps it out of sight of would-be thieves.

Purchase Roadside Service

Although road service providers typically don’t replace keys or help if you have lost your keys, however, depending on your specific vehicle, if you have locked your keys inside your car or truck then road service techs might have the ability to use a Slim Jim to gain access. Even if you never lock yourself out of your vehicle, it’s always good to have roadside service, from AAA, to handle other emergencies on the road. You could use them if you ever experience a flat tire, you run out of gas, or for many other minor emergencies that they’re able to assist customers with. AAA can even tow your car to our location, where we can unlock it and make you a replacement car key.

If despite all your efforts you find yourself in the event of an emergency situation where you need to immediately get inside your car in the Richmond, Virginia area, then you can opt to contact American Lock & Key at 804-282-6060. Not only can American Lock & Key assist you with regaining access to your vehicle, but they will do so in a professional and efficient manner, and even make you an extra car key. If you would rather be referred to the nearest locksmith who has been pre-screened for honesty and professionalism in Richmond, Virginia, then you can call 1800UNLOCKS to be instantly connected. You will likely be connected directly to American Lock & Key since they are the featured Richmond, Virginia locksmith company.

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