Reinforced Door Frame Benefits

Door Jamb Reinforcement

metal door frame jamb leg

Metal Door Frame Jamb Leg.

The majority of successful Richmond Virginia forced entries, such as when the intruder kicks down the door, happen because the frame rather than the door gives way to the intruder. That’s because the majority of door frames, particularly in older homes, are made from wood or wood composite. Whether it’s a business or a residence, reinforced door frames should be installed on all doors with particular attention given to exterior doors.

Reinforced Door Frame Benefits Richmond Area

The Richmond area of Virginia has many older, historical homes, where the door frames were made with wood. The wood becomes easier to break as it ages, making it less secure. Homeowners and business owners gain increased security from reinforcing the door frame.

Match Existing Walls

With the right company, installing reinforced door frames won’t affect the ascetics of the door or the surround walls. The locksmith company can match the appearance of the walls and door frame to the previous look, so it won’t look modern while the rest of the house looks older and vice versa.

Make Custom Frames and Doors

The talented woodsmiths of American Lock & Key, a Richmond Virginia locksmith company, will even create custom frames and doors from a variety of materials to create a style unique to the building. The door can even be customized with kick plates, mail slots and peepholes for a functional door, too.

Beyond Doors

Locksmith companies, like American Lock & Key, also work with safes, locks, keys, cameras, electronic security, and access control.

What To Do

Contact American Lock & Key. Located conveniently in Richmond Virginia, the forty-year-old company provides locksmith services, including reinforcing door frames, to the entire Virginia Richmond region. American Lock & Key is a licensed locksmith company with the Department Of Criminal Justice DCJS # 11-3052. They are the utmost professionals and can help homeowners and business owner add another layer of security.

Reinforced door frame benefits the family or business on the basic level: security. American Lock & Key can help protect your family and property just by installing a reinforced door frame. Contact them today to find out more about reinforced door frames and how they can help homeowners and business owners be safer.

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