Metal Door Frame vs Wood Door Frame

Which Door Frame Is Better?


Wood Doors and Frames Can Rot If Not Properly Taken Care Of.

We live in a time in which the security of our homes and businesses, and the safety of our families are our primary concern. Home invasions, robberies, and other property crimes are on the rise and making certain changes to our homes have become more of a necessity than a luxury. One of the first changes to go on the list when you are considering an increase in security features is your door frame.

While wood door frames have been the norm for many generations, they can become debilitated and weathered over time, allowing strangers easy access to our homes. Having state of the art door locks is worthless when your door frames are so weakened they will not resist an attack. When this is the case, replacement becomes urgent, and there is no better substitute than a metal door frame.



Metal Door Frames Are Ideal For Commercial Locations. Plus They Can Be Fire Rated.

Let’s consider a few important points to keep in mind when you are looking to make your home more secure. Even though metal door frames may seem more expensive than wood, in the long run, they become a better investment, as their life expectancy is much higher than that of wood. Before a metal door frame even starts showing signs of weathering, you will have had to change wood door frames at least twice. On the other hand, there is also the matter of aesthetics, and these days metal door frames can be given that finished wood looks so many people have come to love. Maintenance is also easier and less expensive for metal door frames, as they only need a coat of paint to look good for many years.

Setting cost effectiveness aside, the decision of metal door frames vs wood door frames becomes an easy one when you realize how difficult it becomes to break down a door that has a metal frame. Locks will function more efficiently, and you will acquire peace of mind knowing your family will be safe even when you are not around.

When you are looking for metal door frames and other related items in the Richmond, VA area, nobody gets the job done as well as American Lock & Key. Their techs are specially trained to provide the best quality frames together with professional installation in the shortest amount of time. Don’t place the safety of your property and family in the hands of an inexperienced company, American Lock & Key is backed by its certification and that of their techs, so you can sleep better knowing nobody will be able to get in.

Now that we’ve explored the door frames, what about the door?

Metal Door vs. Wood Door

Your exterior doors are integral to the function and design of your home. More than just an easy way to enter and exit a building, a door has style and offers security, or at least it should. But not all doors are created equal. The quality of both the material and build affect the aesthetics, durability, and function of a door. Which material provides the best bang for your buck? When comes to a metal door vs a wood door, which one is the winner?

Metal Doors

For most homeowners in Richmond, Virginia, metal doors are the most affordable option. They’re attractive and offer the best in security. They’re also widely available, making it easy to replace a door when needed. Metal doors are incredibly durable. Dings and scratches can be filled in, and repainting old doors can give them a fresh, new look. Additionally, metal doors are much more resistant to cracking and warping than wood doors. Overall, metal doors are a smart investment for the average homeowner.

Wood Doors

Despite the versatility of metal doors, some homes just wouldn’t look the same without wood doors. Historic homes, for example, require them to maintain an authentic look. Wood doors are the most common choice in mid-grade to high-end homes because of their classic beauty. Solid wood doors are the strongest and most expensive. When it comes to a wooden door, the thicker the panel, the better for strength and durability. Classic wood doors come in cherry, fir, mahogany, maple, oak, pine and walnut. In addition to solid wood doors, veneer skins layered over an engineered wood core are available and are more affordable than solid wood. Homeowners should note that wooden doors are not maintenance free. Homeowners must refinish them regularly to protect them against weather damage such as warping or decay.

Making The Purchasing Decision

In the end, which door is better will depend on your budget and the style of your home. Budget-conscious shoppers who live in homes with a modern look can easily integrate metal doors into the overall design. Traditional and high-end homes should stick to wooden doors to preserve their look.

For more helpful information about doors and home security, contact the professional locksmiths at American Lock & Key in Richmond Virginia. Their friendly staff can install new doors, new locks or rekey your locks at affordable prices.

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