Locksmith Wyndham VA

locksmith-wyndham-vaLocksmith Wyndham VA

If you are looking for the services of a locksmith Wyndham VA, then look no further. Our locksmiths are experienced in all of your needs. You may think that all a locksmith does is open locked doors, and that is something that we do. However, we have a range of products and services that not only help you gain access to your property, but can also protect it from harm. Take a look at some of our services.

Fire Door Inspections

As licensed and bonded professionals, we are skilled in all aspects of doors. One of the services we offer as locksmith Wyndham VA fire and egress door assembly inspection. We have a combined total of more than 60 years experience, and we are familiar with all building codes that are in effect for the maximum safety.

Metal Doors

Metal doors are more than just an added layer of physical protection. They are also resistant to mold, and they can last longer as well. If you are looking for a customized metal door, you can choose one that is fire resistant, has a window insert, or even one that is left or right handed. In addition to installing new ones, we can also repair or replace your damaged one as well.

Safe Combination Change

It is a good idea to change the combination to your safe every six months. Our technicians are available any hour of any day to attend to your safe lock needs. We can be available immediately if you need any lock change. In addition to changing your lock, we can also crack it for you. If you have forgotten the combination we can reset it for you.

Safe Moving

If you are changing locations, or even just planning to install a new safe, we can use our specialized safe moving equipment to ensure it is transported safely. We have a safe trailer, straps, hitches, and stair climber to move from any home or business to wherever you would like to go.

Automatic Doors

If you are in need of commercial doors, then we can be the answer whether you need them for retail or institutional. We can install new ones while you are doing construction, take care of repairs, fix doors that were installed improperly, repair any automatic sensors or motors. We also have experience working with hospitals, and we are skilled in keeping the area surrounding the installation free of debris and dust. We can also install automatic operators, and handicap accessible hardware for the injured.

American Lock & Key Co, Inc. is your go to locksmith Wyndham VA. We are available for all of your lock, door, and safe related needs.