Metal Doors

metal-doorsNew Metal Doors

A hollow metal door is perfect for your business or medical facility because they are resistant to mold, and sturdy enough to last for years.
A hollow metal door can be custom order for size, color, fire resistance levels, window insert, and can be a left or right handed door.
Aluminum tubelite doors are also available and are perfect for your business storefront.

Repair Metal Doors

American Lock & Key has trained staff to repair your door if its not swinging properly.  If it can be fixed, we will fix it.  If it must be replaced, we’ll give you the best price possible.

Replace Metal Doors

All doors need replacing at some point.  Whether by rust, overuse, abuse, bending out of shape, or the building has settled – replacing your metal doors has never been easier.

Fire Inspection for Metal Doors 

American Lock & Key has two International Fire Door Inspectors that are fully accredited for swinging type fire doors.