Frame Replacement

frame-replacementFrame Replacement

Much like doors, your door frame may need to be repaired or replaced depending on quality of materials, amount of traffic, and if door size needs to be changed.

American Lock & Key can install brand new door frames and store fronts, repair broken frames, install new thresholds, and re-square door frames plus much much more.

A door is only as good as the door frame it sits in.  If the door frame is weak and flimsy, your opening could be vulnerable to break-ins.  Metal door frames are much stronger than wooden door frames.

A door frame can be filled with cement for added security and strength.  If the frame needs replacing, we can cut out the old and install a new frame without making a mess of your workplace.

If your door is not closing all the way or difficult to open, your door frame may need to be repaired or replaced.

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