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fire-doorFire Door

The National Fire Protection Association has a mission which includes the goal of reducing the worldwide burden of fire.

The NFPA has set forth codes and standards for everyone’s safety.  These codes apply to everything from electrical code to fire codes and much more.

At American Lock & Key we care for the publics safety.  We want all buildings to comply with these fire codes. Specifically NFPA 80 code, the Fire Door Codes.

Fire Codes are enforced by the Fire Marshall.  If you are a building owner and you are in violation of Fire Code, you could be breaking the law.  Fortunately, these codes and laws are very simple to fix.  We have trained Fire Door Inspectors that can quickly point out any Code violations.  Our inspectors see doors all the time around Richmond that are in direct violation of Fire Door Code.

Get Your Building Inspected

If you are a building owner, or work in a building please call us today for a Fire Door Inspection.  You are required by Code to get your Fire Doors inspected annually.  This simple walk through can save lives!

NFPA 80 2007 Standard for Fire Doors

  • Self Closing Doors – Doors that return to the closed position when opened and released.
  • Automatic Closing Doors – Doors that are normally open but close when the automatic closing device is activated.