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At American Lock & Key we know your safety is paramount. We want to provide you with the optimum amount of safety at the best price. We have been providing Richmond VA with professional locksmith service since 1980. We can buy knob locks direct from the manufacturer to save you money, especially on bulk orders. Call us to find out more.

A knob lock can come in any style or shape to fit your hand and aesthetic preference.

Why Would I Need A Door Knob?

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We Have Commercial and Residential Door Knob Locks In Stock In All Colors.

A knob lock can keep your property secure without drawing too much attention. Special keyway and cylinders can be installed so that your keyway is high security but the lock appears to be an everyday lock.

Knob locks are great for your interior doors or rental properties because they are inexpensive yet durable. At American Lock & Key we stock the right hardware at the right price.

There are two types of knob locks that are commonly used for entrances and exits to buildings. The first type of knob lock is a doorknob lock which consists of a simple doorknob that includes an internal lock which is operated by inserting a key into the locking component. The only way to open and lock the door is by turning a key into the doorknob. If you use this type of lock, you can effectively limit access to your building only to those who have keys that fit into the lock. These types of devices are the oldest and most common forms of knob lock.

Another type of knob lock is a twist lock. For these types of devices, you do not have to use a key in order for them to lock and open. The knob locks use a smaller knob that is in the middle of the doorknob. The small knob is turned to the left or right to lock and unlock the door. The types of knob locks are used for bedrooms and bathrooms in residential homes and apartments.

If you are interested in installing any type of door knob lock in your home or business, please call American Lock & Key at 804-282-6060.

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