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Electric Strike

Electric Strike Sales & Installation

HES Electric Strike

HES Electric Strike

If you are interested in high security, we have the products and service guarantee for you!  Electric strikes improve security for your business or home.  How? Only those with authorized badge readers or approved visitors can enter the premises when the electric strike is tied into a badge reader system.  You can lock down your business at night while still meeting Fire codes.

Installing an electric strike is a lot more affordable than you may think and it provides an unmatched level of security.  Electric strikes can be installed on a metal or wooden door frame and can be set to be remotely unlocked and locked by the push of a button.

Call our technicians today to find out if an electric strike can be installed on your door frame and to learn more!

Integrated Door Locking System

American Lock & Key has high-security systems to fit your every need. Our line is designed to help you stay secure and worry-free when it comes to your personal and property security. The electric strike system can improve your security at home or at work.

Electric strike systems are affordable and easy to maintain. With this advanced system, only those people you authorize can go in and come out of your property. This system can be installed for individual room entrances or main entrances. If your business has a safe room that needs this type of protection it may be well worth the costs to protect your interests.

Locknetics Electric Strike Installed In Metal Door Frame

Locknetics Electric Strike Installed In Metal Door Frame

Electric strike systems can be installed on metal or wood door frames and can be programmed to remotely lock or they can be locked at the mere push of a button. With the addition of a badge reader, you can know exactly when people have entered and when they exited your property. There is no question about this when installed. Know your property and what goes on for your business or home. Keep security levels high and maintained with an electric strike system.

With our professional team of locksmiths at American Lock & Key, we will help you with the installation and implementation of your system quickly and with ease. These systems also meet fire code safety regulations so you can feel at ease with your new system.

Employee’s times can be monitored through this system which is an added bonus if you are monitoring breaks. It is a great thing to find out employees are dependable however if not you can know when and who enters into your business. This will save time and money and help to ensure that you know when and who enters your property and what time they entered. These systems can be customized to fit your exact needs so ask your expert Locksmiths about all the features to keep you on the cutting edge of high-security features for your business or home.

American Lock & Key in Richmond, VA is here to serve your personal home security or business needs. If you have questions regarding your new high-security system do not be afraid to address your concerns before and after our professional installations.

We want you to feel secure so call our locksmiths today and have an electric strike installed for added security to your home or business.

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