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Schlage Single Cylinder Deadbolt. Just One Option We Offer.

Secure your home or business with a durable deadbolt sold here, at your local locksmith company, American Lock & Key.  Don’t forget to schedule the installation! We offer two types of installation. First, we can do a fresh install wherein we can prep your door and frame to fit your new deadbolt at your home or business. Secondly, we can do a straight replacement. Generally, deadbolt replacement is the less expensive option.

As crime rates continue to rise in nearly every neighborhood, it is imperative that homeowners protect their valuables and their family with a reliable home security system. By equipping front, back and even garage doors with strong deadbolt door locks, locksmiths can give Richmond residents and business owners the security they want and need without exceeding a strict monthly budget.

A deadbolt will help secure your door to the door frame.  The stronger the deadbolt is, the better. Although, you need to make sure the strike plate is also well secured to solid wood with long screws. This will help prevent kick-ins.

If you find it hard to turn the key in your deadbolt, please call us.  Our locksmiths can tell you exactly what is causing your problem.  We can troubleshoot your key, your deadbolt, your door, and your door frame.

What Are Deadbolts?

A deadbolt lock is a special type of lock using heavy gaged metal reinforced to be strong and sturdy. Several different types of deadbolts are available:

  • Single Cylinder Deadbolt: A single cylinder deadbolt is the most commonly used type of deadbolt lock. This particular lock has a key cylinder on one side, with the thumb turn on the other side. They can be opened on the inside without a key, which is a plus if you are trying to leave in a hurry.
  • Double Cylinder Deadbolt: The double cylinder deadbolt is another choice of lock available. This model features key cylinders on each side. They do not have a thumb turn and a key is required to open the lock whether you are inside or out.
  • Keyless Entry Deadbolt: This is one of the newest types of deadbolts available, designed for the sophisticated individual who seeks the latest in technology. Keyless entry deadbolts are those that can be accessed without the use of a key while still providing the strong reinforcement that you need.

Additional Benefits and Features of Deadbolt Locks Include:

  • Heavy steel material is resistant to sawing or breaking
  • Pick-proof by even the most accomplished criminals
  • Offers extra security when used in conjunction with spring-bolt locks
  • Hidden screws and steel pins comprising the core of the deadbolt makes them a tamper resistant, effective deterrent to criminals who know that staying in one area too long can get them arrested

A locksmith can tell you more about any of the deadbolts, as well as make the installation of the deadbolt type most suited for your needs. Upon the installation, you will now have a greater amount of protection as well as the peace of mind to go along with it. If protecting your valuables and the things most important in life is something that you would do at all costs, ensure that deadbolts are considered. These special locks are ready to keep you safe at home and at work without having to go to great extents for that added safety. American Lock & Key at 804-282-6060. American Lock & Key is available 7 days a week to help you with any locking needs.

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