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locksmith-lakeside-va There are emergencies in your life when only the aid of a locksmith will help you. Locking yourself out of the house can be a frustrating occasion. Returning to your home, but not being able to get inside can cause you to become behind in your schedule or just cause you to become stressed because you are unable to reach the inside of your home.

Lock Out Service

Locking your keys inside of the home is especially prevalent with a new home. Many people take the wrong set of keys or forget to cut a new pair of keys to their new home or apartment and leave the only key inside. When this happens, a call to Locksmith Lakeside VA from American Lock and Key will get your back inside of your new home. A locksmith will be dispatched as soon as you make the call, and you can provide any pertinent information to the agent who answers the phone. The locksmith can open the door to your home with their special equipment. In the event that you need the entire lock system for the door changed, this service is also available with a Locksmith Lakeside VA. Once the locksmith gets to your location, the two of you can talk about which service is best for your door lock and open the door for your own entry.

Car Unlock Service

Aside from homes, cars are often locked with the keys inside. When you are in a rush, it is easy to get out of the car and leave the keys inside of the ignition. A Locksmith Lakeside VA can come to your location and unlock the car for you. Most services require making an opening in the car window to gain access to the car and keys. A Locksmith Lakeside VA should be able to gain very quick access into your car, sending you about your way with very little hassle.

Business Locksmiths

Along with homes and cars, businesses sometimes have accidents where the keys are locked inside and the employees are locked outside. A Locksmith Lakeside VA can be dispatched to help unlock the doors to business. Sometimes businesses have different, more sophisticated locks than the average home. Let the locksmith know when calling the type of lock that the doors have (if you are aware of the type) so that there are no issues on getting you into the building and back in business as soon as possible.

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