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Two Locksmith Trucks parked in front of a sunset. We are a Locksmith Glen Allen VA. Businesses and homes are popping up everywhere!  The urban sprawl is shocking.  As locksmiths, we just hope you keep security in mind. Over the past 10 years, Richmond has truly matured into a thriving community.

American Lock & Key has been here since 1980. We want to continue to grow alongside Richmond.

Do you live in Glen Allen VA?  You must need a locksmith Glen Allen VA!

Tired of being locked out?

Are you in a new home or apartment? Try out our affordable keyless entry locks.  No more getting locked out.  You will always have a way in as long as you remember your code.  Forgot your code? No problem there is key override.

What can American Lock & Key Do?

What can’t we do? Well, patio door locks are sometimes tricky to work with. Other than that, we really do just about everything relating to security.

Do you have a safe? A door? A lock? A key?  We can help you repair, replace, or rekey any door, lock, or safe.

We keep lots of safes, locks, doors, padlocks, and keys in stock.  We carry the brands you want and the fast service you deserve.

If you need a locksmith Glen Allen VA, call us today!

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