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It is very easy to lose your keys. You can be moving along in your day, reach into your pocket to grab your phone and out pops your keys. Worse, you walk off unknowing, your keys left on the ground. It may be hours before you notice that you have lost your keys. No keys and no way into your vehicle or home. A quick call to a locksmith will get you inside. If you don’t have a spare key, then your troubles have just begun.

A lost car key will cost you much more than getting a duplicate key Richmond VA. Most cars today have transponder keys. This means that they have a small electronic chip in the head of the key that interacts with your car’s computer system. Very often this chip is used to arm or disarm your security system. It contains individual coding unique to your car. If you lose this key without making a copy, it will take much more time and cost at least three times as much to replace it.

If you have lost your house keys and have no spare, not only will you be unable to get into your home easily, but you will need to immediately change your locks. With a spare key, you will have some time to decide whether or not you will need to change your locks. But, without a spare, your choices will be to leave your home unlocked and open to any passerby or to have your locks changed immediately. A spare allows you immediate access to your home and give you time to perhaps find your keys.

There is no better place to get a duplicate key Richmond VA than American Lock & Key. If you need a transponder car key made, they have the skilled and trained technician and specialized equipment needed. As long as you have an original key for them to clone, you will not be waiting long. If you need duplicate house keys made, we have a storeroom full of specialized key blanks. You will be able to choose the perfect key for your needs.

We can even make duplicate keys for other types of locks. If your cabinet or desk lock only has a single key, it is a good idea to have a spare in case of loss. These often hard to replicate keys are not a problem for American Lock & Key.

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