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clone-keys-richmond-va There are many locksmiths today that offers the service of cloning keys to their customers. If a locksmith does not have this service, many are expanding their services and offering this to their customers.

Many people are confused concerning what key they can use, the purpose of transponder keys, and key cloning itself.

Cloning transponder keys have a chip inside of them that is used to allow the transponder ID to be written and read to. A machine is required to clone a transponder key so it can read the value of the chip correctly. This value is typically 32 digits long. A cloning machine reads the value of the chip and then uses this value to clone a chip key.

Special Locksmith Equipment Is Needed

There are different types of equipment that a locksmith needs before they can perform the service of cloning keys. These machines make the process much easier for the locksmith and is a simple process for them to copy a variety of keys.

The locksmith needs a key cloning machine, one or more key cutting machines, transponder chips, and keys.

They should purchase a very advanced transponder duplicator that they can, to ensure they can clone a high percentage of the keys. The machine should have a database that lists all car models to show if the locksmith has the ability to clone the key. This is very useful because when a customer calls the locksmith can tell them very quickly if he is able to clone their car key. More modules can also be purchased if it is needed due to many customers needing to have their car keys cloned.

Key cutting machines produced today are becoming much more efficient. The machine should be able to cut both edge cut and laser car keys.

Some key blanks and transponder chips are also needed when cloning car keys. A large amount of key blanks on hand is very useful.

Benefits of Cloning Keys

Some of the benefits of cloning car keys include:

  • Cloned keys are much less expensive than programmed keys.
  • Keys can easily and quickly be cloned
  • Using a cloned key eliminates any onboard car key programming, and does not need to have two original keys to make additional keys.
  • As many keys can be cloned as needed, without having the locksmith erase any existing keys for the vehicle.

Technology has changed the services that a locksmith, such as American Lock & Key in Richmond VA, offers so they can better serve their customers.

Key cloning is becoming more and more popular with many people, and they are learning what it means and the benefits of it. They will find locksmiths that offer this service and continue to use this locksmith in the future.

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