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Broken-Lock-Richmond-Va American Lock and Key was established in 1980 in Richmond, Virginia. We are very happy to have years of satisfied customers since our creation. Barry Wilson, the main founder, envisioned that one day his company would become one of the biggest and first-rate locksmith corporations in the Virginia area. Since its starting point, one of the biggest locations where they’ve had much prosperity has been Richmond, Virginia. In Richmond, Virginia, the American lock and key is arguably the most well-known locksmith shop and a favorite among the residents of Richmond, Virginia.

Many houses in the Richmond area are built old fashioned. Most were built with wood, but wood isn’t as strong as concrete. This leaves the house susceptible to damage and makes it an easy target for intruders, this includes Broken Lock Richmond Va. The doors are not particularly up-to-date, with the latest equipment that most homes are being constructed today. Most doorknobs are relatively easy to break into, back when they were built there wasn’t the technological advancement’s there is today. Obviously, this can be a serious concern if you have children or valuable assets. Many of us do, thankfully citizens of Richmond, Virginia can rely on American lock and key for assistance, they have a respectable track record throughout multiple decades.


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American Lock and Key does offer various services that can rebuild your broken lock so that your home or any other type of property is protected. They have some of the most premium locksmiths in the area and are always willing to assist their customers in the most convenient ways. They value hard work and provide clients with the proper tools to fix their broken locks. Many of the locksmiths at American Lock and Key make doors and customs frameworks with suitable and varying equipment that is rather modern and they use techniques according to your respective problem, in this case, broken locks. American Lock and Key is a licensed locksmith company there is no scam here, many customers will tell you just how great their locksmiths are. They are professional in every sense of the word and have a sense of integrity that most other locksmiths workers just don’t have. American lock and key is the local professional locksmith company that will fix your broken lock in Richmond Virginia.

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