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Providing adequate door security is essential to home and business owners. A locksmith’s specialty lies in securing personal and private properties. Adding simple and complex locking devices to doors, help to ensure unauthorized entry. The type of locks a locksmith puts on a door depends on what the owner wants or needs, in addition to the type of material the doors are constructed from.

Doors are made of natural and non-natural wood materials and different types of metals. A locksmith can add a single or dual lock to either type of door. The most requested type of lock that property owners pursue is a deadlock. A deadlock is made of steel, and the metal part extends into the door frame. Once in place, it is difficult to open the door from the outside, without a key. However, from the inside, the door is opened by a simple twist of the knob.

Hiding the Key Under the Door Mat is Out

Burglars look for homes they consider to be easy prey. Hiding a spare key under the mat is not practical or safe. Single lock doors are perhaps the oldest, and the most non-safe locks to use on residential, business and commercial type doors.

Doors with a double cylinder deadbolt means you lose the option of using a thumb turn. Instead, the deadbolt lock uses a key for locking and unlocking. For any type of lock to function properly, it must first be installed correctly. The harder the steel, the stronger the lock, and the more secure the door.

Door Security Locks and Designs Must Pass the Test

When someone kicks in, or beats down a door, it is not the lock that breaks. The locks are still hanging inside the door untouched. it is the door itself that is destroyed or completely damaged. Door security is made up of durable long lasting doors, and quality high powered locks. These two security elements are vital for businesses and homeowners who wish to protect their property from break ins, and vandalism.

Doors and door locks normally goes through a safety inspection, before they are placed on display, and sold to consumers. Security type doors include doors with metal bars, doors with a security alarm attachment, and doors that open and close remotely or with a code. A professional locksmith is abreast on how to install or repair all the latest door security locks and features.

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