Locksmith Coupons

Ask your Realtor to call us for an authorized coupon! PRINTED COUPONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED, SORRY!

Locksmith Coupons

At American Lock & Key we want to reward our customers with professional service and money saving locksmith coupons!

If you just bought a house, or are thinking of buying a house, call your real estate agent today and tell them to call us at 804-282-6060.  They can swing by our shop and pick up a coupon for you.

Our locksmith coupons will save you $25.  When moving into a new house, you should always get your locks rekeyed.  If the locks are too old or mismatched, we have new locks in stock!

Add an additional layer of security for your family with high security locks.  We have high security locks available that are bump resistant and pick resistant.

A Gift From Your Real Estate Agent

Simply ask your realtor to call us to get an authorized coupon. If you’re a real estate agent in the Richmond, VA area, stop by our shop, we can give you loads of coupons for all your real estate clients!

Help your clients save money on improved security when they buy or rent a house.  Always have your locks rekeyed before or soon after moving in; you never know who has an old key.

Our locksmith coupons are designed to save you loads of dough, keep us in mind the next time you need a locksmith!

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