Rekey Locks Richmond

rekey-locks-richmondRekey Locks Richmond

Rekeying locks can be not only a very important job, but also a necessary one. If you have ever lost your keys, suffered a home burglary, or simply question where an extra key went, you should rekey locks Richmond to protect your property and loved ones. American Lock & Key in Richmond, Virginia is your locksmith for the job.

When American Lock & Key locksmiths rekey your locks, they change the wafer configuration or tumbler to fit a new key. This in turn makes it impossible for any misplaced, lost, or stolen keys to work in the new lock. Rekeying a lock makes is not only more cost-effective than replacing the entire lock, but is time saving as well.

Along with the ability to rekey locks in Richmond, American Lock & Key also offers several other services for customers, both residential and commercial.

For home owners, American Lock & Key can offer you duplicate keys for your home. They can repair or add additional locks, deadbolts, and repair damaged storm doors. This Richmond locksmith can also off customers a home keyless entry system or monitoring system so you can protect your home while you’re gone and see what is happening outside while you’re home.

American Lock & Key Richmond can offer you services for your automobile in addition to home services. If you have locked your keys in your car, American Lock & Key can unlock your vehicle and make you a spare set for future use. If you have damaged your ignition key or the ignition itself with a too hard tug or heavy keychain, they can repair the ignition and save you a tow to the mechanic.

The Richmond location of American Lock & Key can also offer customers fire door installation, safe cracking, padlocks, transponder keys, master key systems, panic devices and more.

Whether you have locked yourself out of your car, had your home broken into, or want to create additional security for your property and loved ones, American Lock & Key is just the right locksmith in Richmond to get the job done.