New Safe

residential safeNew Safe

Buying a new safe to protect valuable family heirlooms or sensitive documents is a great decision.  So many people simply have their valuables laying out on their bathroom sink or nightstand.  Jewelry should always be kept in a new safe.

At American Lock & Key, we carry a wide variety of safe brands and models in stock.  From large vault safes, to gun safes, to cash drop safes – we carry it all.  Stop by our showroom today!

Many new safes are also fire resistant.  The level of fire resistance can vary from 1 hour to 2 hours.  The safes are manufactured to withstand high heat for extended periods of time.  Even after a 2 hour fire blaze, your jewelry will be in great condition, and your documents won’t be charred.  A new safe is great for business to keep cash, car titles, employee records, and much more.

If you want a safe with an electronic keypad, not a problem.  One of our safe technicians can install an electronic keypad onto your new or existing safe for an updated look and feel.

Don’t forget, we can deliver your new safe as well!