New Door Short Pump VA

fire-door-inspection-henrico-vaNew Door Short Pump VA

If you need a new safety door for your business in Short Pump, Virginia, come to American Lock & Key. Located in nearby Richmond, we’re not just about putting new locks on your doors. We do so much more than that. In addition to providing our customers with a wide variety of state-of-the-art locking systems and electronic keys, we also provide a selection of doors that are designed to increase the safety and security at your place of business. With our doors, you can stop being concerned about theft and damage from severe weather. We’ve got you covered for any circumstances.

Metal Doors

Hollow metal doors are just one of the several types of new door with which we can provide you. These doors are tough. They stand up to almost any weather conditions, while keeping your business and inventory safe and secure inside. They are also resistant to mold, and even fire, to a certain extent. These doors will provide a healthy working environment for your employees, and a nice, professional look for the front of your building and any interior rooms. Available in left or right-handed versions, these doors are sturdy and made to last for many years.

Automatic Doors

Many businesses prefer automatic doors because of the convenience they offer to the customer. This is especially true in stores where someone may have to carry something large out to their car, or haul a large number of things outside at one time. Home improvement stores and grocery stores are good examples of businesses that need automatic doors. Hospitals and other medical facilities also need them for making it easier for disabled patients to get in and out of the building. At American Lock & Key, we not only install automatic doors in new buildings as they are being constructed, we also repair them when needed, all for the best possible price in the Short Pump area.

Fire Door Inspections

While not technically a new door product, we do offer fire door inspections. Virginia building code laws require periodic fire door inspections, and we are Certified Fire Door Inspectors. We will be happy to come out and inspect your fire door to make sure it adheres to state safety standards, as well as answer any questions you may have about your door.


Whether your business needs a new door, needs to have a door repaired, or requires a fire door safety inspection, we are here for you. Call American Lock & Key today to get the door product and service your business needs.